Meet the Kids: Isabella


Isabella is just about the cutest two year old you can imagine! Her diagnosis of severe autism, global delay and non-verbal self injuring behavior does not stop her from enjoying her family and being outdoors.
She has let it be known that she wants to ride bikes along with her siblings, and we know that Variety partners, sponsors and donors will make that possible.  Help Isabella get her Trailmate Tricycle, contact

Meet the Kids: Glenn

When you look at this photo of five year old Glenn, you can tell he has a lot to say. Turns out Arteriosus and Autism Spectrum Disorder have left him with delays and very few words. He has a few words he speaks and signs.
An iPad would open up his world and allow him to communicate with his family, teachers and therapists.Please help give Glenn the power of communication, contact

Meet the Kids: Bo


Five year old Bo is one of a kind. His genetic condition is so rare that it is called “Bo’s” Syndrome.  He spends most of his time in the hospital or at home.  A Diabetic Dog would be a life changer for Bo.

The dog would be able to signal high and low blood sugar levels, and would be a companion for this very special little boy. Through your generosity Variety can make a dog possible for Bo. Contact

Meet the Kids: Daniel


11 year old Daniel has bilateral severe/profound deafness. He has a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, and is quite a budding musician. He plays piano and is excited for band!
His current hearing aid is in need of repair and it is beyond the family’s means.  Help Daniel to keep making music, contact

Meet the Kids: Chase


Nine year old Chase would like to live up to his name. However, he has outgrown his jogger and has stability issues.


With your help, Variety can arrange for Chase to receive an Axium Stroller allowing him to participate more actively in school and at home. He will be chasing his buddies around in no time! Contact