Variety KC is so proud that Brands That Speak was selected as the 2019 International Variety Corporate Winner! Unsung heroes, Brands That Speak is behind the Variety KC website and so much more. They truly are responsible for much of our success and the reason so many Variety KC Kids get the help they need. Read our nomination to find out why they won:

Variety Tent 8 (Kansas City) is excited to nominate a true Variety Champion for this year’s Corporate Award.Tim McCoy is the founder of Brands That Speak (BTS), a digital marketing and media firm in Kansas City. One of Brands That Speak’s claims is that they are invested as long-term custodians of your brand. That is certainly true for Variety KC. Tim and his team have been providing services for Tent 8 for over 10 years, and eight of those years it was at absolutely no charge. Even now, they only charge for hard costs.

Tim started as a member of Young Variety, and now serves on the Board of Directors. Tim and his team are not only committed to marketing and media services for Tent 8, they are champions of our mission. They recruit and involve their other friends and associates to volunteer for Variety.

They are champion volunteers – They are professional service providers – They are selfless fundraisers

Best of all, their entire staff speaks to and promotes Variety’s mission and brand. If ever there was a corporation that totally ingrained themselves into a cause, this is it! Please consider Brands That Speak for the 2019 Corporate Award.