Hunter has become too big for a power wheel that he has had for years. Hunter sees his sisters on they’re motorized cars and scooter and wants to join in so badly. He doesn’t understand that he is too big for them or his balance is not good enough for a motor scooter. Hunter is still on monster training wheels on his bike since balancing is difficult for him. What this would me is Hunter doesn’t feel left out from power wheel fun! he wants it badly and I can see the sadness in him eyes when he can not join in with his sisters and neighborhood kids.

Hunters situation he can not balance so scooters are out unless its modified with training wheels and is made for an adult to handle his weight

Hunter was diagnosed with severe autism, simple complex seizure disorder, impulse control disorder, hip lower leg weakness, and uses orthotics in shoes

we have also looked into the hooverboard with attached chair and wheel that makes it a scooter but afraid he may fall from the back since he likes back rest.