Blind & Deaf Child Needs Variety’s Help

Little Antonio is deaf, blind, and has Phelan McDermid Syndrome. Because of his lack of strength and motor skills, Antonio is unable to sit in a regular chair. He loves taking a bath, but has outgrown a safe baby tub. He has also outgrown his highchair and now has no place to sit to participate in activities. There is a positioning chair that would allow him to sit up in a bath or at a table, but they are very expensive and not covered by insurance. Variety KC and the Caring Program for Children, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, have made sure Antonio will soon be sitting tall! What’s more, his mother will be able to more safely assist him. We couldn’t do it without great community partners like Blue Cross and Blue Shield. If your company is interested in helping kids Be Active, Be Social and Belong, email us –