Bath Safety for Child with Disability

Nikolas was born with a condition called Lenz Microphthalmia, it’s a very rare condition with no prognosis. His condition makes his life quite complicated and he is unable to do anything on his own. He can roll over and use his arms, but cannot communicate and physically he needs help with all his activities of daily living. His mom explains that this makes taking a bath or shower very difficult for both Nikolas and his caregiver. A special bath chair would allow Nikolas to safely take a shower or bath and his caregiver would not have the strain of getting him in and out of the bath area. Nikolas has had several surgeries, which resulted in nearly total blindness. He also went through chemotherapy for a cancer discovered in 2012. With all he has battled, taking a safe bath is such a small request – but the expense of the chair made it just out of reach. Nikolas’ story touched the hearts of our Variety supporters and he will soon have his bath chair!  Help Variety to help out other kids like Nikolas – donate today.