Recovering from a Stroke at the Age of Six

Zachary is an an active child with a deep sense of caring and faith. At the age of six, he is recreating himself following an AVM rupture that caused a hemorrhagic stroke. As his mother explains, everything changed with the blink of an eye. We don’t always recognize the signs of a stroke in a child, and we never expect it. It’s been a long challenging road, but today Zachary is enjoying the activities he did before, but approaches them more carefully and can’t participate in the same way. This is particularly true of his bike. Finding a way for kids to be included in the activities they love is such an important part of healing. For Zachary, that means an adaptive bike to increase his mobility, Independence and strength. His mom says that most importantly it provides a sense of normalcy for Zachary and his family. All that, from something as basic as a bike! Help all kids like Zachary to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong! Donate today