Alexander and Andrew have gross motor, fine motor delays, and speech delays due to premature birth, but that doesn’t stop them – read what their mom has to say about these remarkable four-year-old twins!

“It is so important that all children be included, no matter what kind of help they need to succeed in life and feel a sense of accomplishment. As a parent of identical twin boys, I see that Alexander and Andrew need help in different ways. Each day is a new day filled with great progress. Although they look very similar, they are individuals who are accomplishing so much and reaching their individual goals.Although Alexander and Andrew have various delays due to prematurity, they are always included in activities in the community, at preschool, during therapy sessions, and at family events. Their delays do not define them. Their successes and awesome progress define them and we celebrate their achievements. It’s not about what they can’t do. It’s about what Alexander and Andrew CAN DO and we have found the BEST team of people to help Alexander and Andrew continue their development.”

Alexander and Andrew would really benefit from an adaptive bike – and Variety KC thinks the neighborhood kids would benefit from being able to ride along with A&A! Help us to make sure every child has a chance to ride a bike. Donate today: