Anthony is nearly five-years old and the youngest of three boys.  He has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder  and is non-verbal.

He is a very friendly and social little boy, especially once he gets to know you.  He loves tickle games and all kinds of music.  He is also very bright, making huge strides at home and school. In the classroom, he uses a speech generating device to help him communicate and he is really good at it! He uses it to greet friends, to request something to eat or drink, to count with his class, and to name shapes. The speech device has to remain at school and his family would love to have one to use at home. Having one in both places will assist in learning and most of all – increase understanding of his needs and wants.

Variety KC supporters have seen just how well Variety Kids do when given the right tools and resources.  A communication device can be life-changing and that’s what we want for Anthony and his family, so Anthony is getting his device. Unfortunately, there are so many others who need a “voice” as well.  If this message resonates with you, please donate to help give kids a voice –    Thank you!