Read how a sprained ankle led to a big discovery for Benji and his family!

“Benji is an outgoing, independent, very kind little boy, who is diagnosed with FSHD muscular dystrophy. His diagnosis means that he has a general weakening of the muscles in
his face, arms and legs (although any muscle in his body can and may be affected at some point). This disease affects every individual very differently. Some people are
very affected, like Benji, and some nearly asymptomatic, as in myself, his mother.”

Being a preteen, and wanting to keep up with his three older brothers, and friends at school, as well as not wanting to stand out from his peers, Benji fought a mobility aid for about a year. A sprained ankle forced him into a wheelchair to allow that ankle to heal, which allowed myself and Benji, to notice a dramatic improvement in his mood, and physical strength at the end of the day! He was not pushing himself to near exhaustion when using the wheelchair, and had a new and improved outlook on life! By using the wheelchair, we are trying to preserve as much leg
muscle as he has left, and still allow him to walk short distances (into the pool for therapies, into the restroom to keep his independence with self care, etc). This is a nasty disease that definitely has put a damper on my little man’s spirits some days, as he is coming to terms with a more limited mobility, but he is a fighter and his teachers will tell you that he the last to ask for help, the first to help another person in need, and the most positive and uplifting kiddo they have met!”

Once again, proof that the right equipment is what it takes to make inclusion possible!  Benji is getting his wheelchair, but there are so many others who would benefit from similar equipment. Please help Variety KC make that happen!  Donate today at 

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