Meet the Kids – Bikin’ Brilyn

If you believe every kid should be active, be social, and belong – please donate today

Brilyn was diagnosed with Brain Abnormities. He is an active child and likes to explore his environment. His movement patterns and difficulties with balance make riding tricycles or bicycles that can be purchased at the store unsafe for him.

The features of the tricycle requested would provide him with the support for balance and safety that he needs to be successful in this type of activity. This adaptive tricycle would also allow his family to support his exploration of his surroundings and engage in physical activity in his community. It would give him a sense of freedom, independence, and confidence!   All kids should know the confidence that comes from riding their own bike. Unfortunately, the price tag on these bikes can run into the thousands and aren’t possible for many families. However, generous Variety friends make it possible!  If you can help us to make sure every kid gets to feel the wind in their hair – please donate today at   Thank you!






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