Meet the Kids – Killian

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Killian is Autistic secondary to the unknown. He is globally delayed and non-verbal, and intellectually delayed, but they are not sure yet to what extent.

Killian is non-verbal, but he likes it when you talk to him. His responses are physical. And while he doesn’t like to be touched very often, he most definitely

wants to interact with you.  He is very sweet and loves to climb, run, and play. Water is one of his very favorite things!  You’ll find him running around and enjoying

nature parks and playgrounds, but he doesn’t understand danger – and can easily run off.

Because Killian is globally delayed, he can’t use typical items or equipment that other kids might play with. At school they tried him out on an adaptive bike and he

simply lit up with joy!   They were able to keep his attention and being on the bike kept him in a regulated area, so he didn’t run off and was able to help him get exercise.

His family members all have bikes and they enjoy riding together. Killian used to ride on back, but has outgrown riding in the child seat safely. An adaptive bike of his own would

do so much!  It would provide important exercise. It would give the family an activity they can all enjoy together. And – it would offer Killian the rare opportunity to “hang out” with

other kids. That’s exactly what Variety KC donors want for our kids!  The chance to Be Active, Be Social and Belong!  Killian is getting his bike thanks to generous donors..but there are more kids waiting for theirs.

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