Meet the Kids – Jack the Fighter!

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This is the story of a fighter, written by his parents – his champions:

Jack was diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with a critical heart defect. We were told he may not survive the pregnancy and if he did the likelihood of survival after delivery was unlikely. We traveled to St Louis where a team of doctors were willing to help give Jack a fighting chance at living. Jack was born at St. Louis Children’s Hospital on January 16th, 2018. He came out crying and we knew then he would be a fighter. His heart defect had damaged his lungs and his only option of living outside of the hospital was a heart and double lung transplant. At 4 months of age Jack received his second chance of life and on May 24th, 2018 he received his transplant making him the first infant heart-double lung transplant in the country in over 10 years. On August 1st, 2018 Jack was finally discharged home. Our dreams of bringing him home had become reality.

Jack will be four soon and loves playing outside, jumping on furniture, playing with his siblings and watching football to name just a few of his favorite things. He suffers from a paralyzed vocal cord and diaphragm secondary to his transplant. This makes vocalizing sounds very difficult for him. We use basic sign language to communicate with him but we know he has more to say. We want Jack to be able to express himself and tell us exactly what he needs/wants without getting frustrated. A communication device will allow Jack to communicate so much better at school and home. As his parents, we know he has lots to say and we feel we owe it to him to help him in any way we can. We want him to feel heard and understood, not just by us, but by others around him too.

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