Meet the Kids – Jason!

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Jason was born in China and abandoned by his mother due to her inability to provide proper medical care for his Spina Bifida. He was raised in a Chinese orphanage until the age of 9 when his loving KC family adopted him. He has been in the States for four years and his involvement in adaptive sports has been a huge part of his improved health and mental state. A proper fitting sports wheelchair will allow him to continue to participate in his favorite sport- basketball.

A note from his parents:

“As stated above, Jason was raised in China until the age of 9. The Chinese culture generally looks down on people with disabilities and until he came to the United States, he didn’t understand that he could be a functioning/ contributing member of society. He was overwhelmed the first time he saw kids his age playing sports and couldn’t wait to participate. Involvement in sports has really helped Jason’s health- both physically and mentally. However, Jason’s condition (Spina Bifida) and the location of his spinal anomaly, necessitates a specially fitted wheelchair to enable full participation in the sport. Jason’s mother and I have both been blessed with good jobs, however, the added costs of care for Jason along with the financial support of our missionary daughter in Uganda have tapped our resources and we are unable to purchase this specialized chair. We appreciate the work of Variety KC and Midwest Adaptive Sports and thank you for the consideration of our request.”

Can you imagine? For over half his life, Jason didn’t even know it was possible to play sports – and now, with the proper equipment, he will be living his best life!  Please help Variety KC to make this a possibility for Jason – donate whatever you can to

Thank you from the bottom of our Variety Heart!



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