Meet the Kids – Keisha!

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Keisha was shaken as an infant and suffers from some developmental challenges and hemiparesis of her left side. She has some atrophy of the muscles on her left side and struggles to stand and walk. She is making great progress and desperately wants to be self-mobile. She originally had to have a tracheostomy tube, but has progressed enough that recently her trach tube was removed and seems to be doing well with all of the measurable for oxygen, pulse, and blood pressure. We hope that the closure of her stoma in her throat will allow more oxygen to her left side and enable her, with lots of exercise and physical therapy, to begin to stand and walk on her own. We hope that getting her an adjustable trike will allow her to pedal and improve synchronized movement in her legs safely. We think this may improve her circulation and strength over time.

“Yes, Keisha was shaken as an infant, but that has not stopped her beautiful personality from shining through. She continues to fight for physical and cognitive gains and has been blowing us all away with all the growth she has shown. We’ve known her for about a year, and she has been in our home since February, but we have seen so much development that it is hard to see any barriers that will keep this girl down. She is absolutely the best example I can think of for the triumph of the human spirit and we love when she can share her gifts for positive motivation and strength to overcome adversity with the world.

Keisha is an inspiration. Her smile brightens the whole room and she can tell an entire story with her eyes. She is truly an amazing and inspiring little girl. Nothing gets her down. We have seen her go from being largely mobile on only her bottom to zipping around the room with just the use of her right arm and leg. She has taken her first step with us and we love to take her on walks in her walker. She is the most social of butterflies and greets everyone she passes with a smile and a wave. She has recently begun communicating verbally and says hi loudly to all our neighbors and friends. She loves giving warm hugs and high fives and we love her very much.

Keisha is an extrovert and bright shining example of somebody that always wants to brighten the days of those around her. Her smile and wave instantly bring you in and make her your friend. She was nonverbal for most of her life, so she can truly speak to you in facial expressions and hand gestures and her ability to smile brighter than anybody else. She can now sing along to the ABCs and Baby shark and loves music at the top of her lungs. Her older sisters have introduced her to some of their old favorites and she picks them up quickly. Her bright cheery nature is bolstered by a brilliant mind that is soaking up so much information. She loves to go on walks and we love to take her. We hope we can start taking her on fun bike rides as well.

The trike, we think, is the next step in building strength in her legs and improving circulation to her atrophied limbs. She is going to do great things and shine.”

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