What an amazing little boy! Check out this letter from Krue’s family:“Krue was diagnosed with autism earlier this year and has since overcome so many obstacles at the young age of 3. He has major sensory aversions which limit his communication and eating. His sensory issues stem from wet objects such as food or his mouth, so talking and communicating is a difficult task for Krue. Krue is such an amazingly smart boy and learned how to read to help with his communication at the age of 2. He loves to watch music videos and sing. His joy of music is a light to our lives.This equipment will enhance Krue’s life by allowing him to use apps to help communicate as well as being able to let him enjoy his love of music. Music makes him happy and creates a space where he can use his words. This will help our family’s life by allowing him to communicate with me, his mother, to better assist his needs. This will allow me to overcome many obstacles we face when trying to figure out what Krue wants or needs. It will also help him communicate with his brother, grandma and grandpa to establish those connections needed to develop relationships. An iPad would be a blessing to help communicate and offer an outlet to Krue so he can experience music he loves.”

Variety KC understands how important communication is for inclusion. As Krue ages, he’ll be able to engage better at school and with friends as well as his family. Early resources are so important in communication, please help us that every child who needs a “voice” can get one.  Donate today – www.varietykc.org/donate.   Thank you!