A Variety Mom explains how growing kids are a physical risk for caregivers and parents:

“Liam has always struggled with walking and as he has gotten older and bigger, his strength and coordination have been declining. He had hip surgery in June of 2017 to help him, as both of his hips were 30-40% out of the sockets. He unfortunately contracted staph infection immediately following the surgery and spent a full year recovering from this. He needed 5 additional surgeries to clean out the wounds and spend a full year on antibiotics to keep the staph infection at bay until the bones were healed and the metal plates could be removed in May of 2018. Since then, he has been having PT and pool therapy every week and he is not back to his baseline prior to surgery yet. He is growing bigger and heavier. We currently have a Honda van that we lift him into and out of. I have been in treatment for chronic neck pain for about a year, as all of the lifting is taking a toll on our health. Our physical therapist is concerned that the transfers into and out of the van are not safe for Liam and the caregivers. She has recommended that we get this motorized seat for Liam. We first went to United Access to add this to our current van and the cost was $10,000. Our van is not very new, so we didn’t feel this would be a good investment. Someone told us about Toyota vans that have an option to be equipped with this seat and we think this is the best value for us.” 

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