Micah’s challenges:   Micah has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Social Communication Severity Level 3 and Restricted/Repetitive Behaviors and Interests Severity Level 3 with Global Developmental Delay. He also has Mixed Receptive/Expressive Language Disorder and Impulse Control Disorder. 

Micah is an active boy who is very loving and caring, he loves his family and his three sisters. Although Micah is not able to communicate with words, he is a times able to show his parents what he wants through his actions and and hand gestures. He understands more than he is able to communicate, and in a very sweet way – he gives his mom kisses to show what he wants. As sweet as kisses are, his parents would like to see him communicate his wants and needs through words, starting with a TouchChat device. Currently the family has one tablet device, but it is shared among four siblings. Having a device of his own would help Micah to better communicate his needs and wants at home and at school.

The on again off again sharing of a device can be so frustrating for a non-verbal child. Variety KC understands the importance of giving Micah a voice of his own! Every child deserves to be heard and understood – help Variety KC make that happen, donate today!  Thank you!  www.varietykc.org/donate