Meet the Kids – Quinton!

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Quinton was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and by the time he was six months old, he had already undergone two open heart surgeries. At 13 months, Quinton suffered seizures while sleeping. The lack of oxygen to his brain caused significant brain damage. He quickly went from a boy who was walking, learning and talking – to completely non-verbal, tube fed, wheelchair reliant.

His mom says Quinton has an amazing smile and he uses it during his favorite activities of being outdoors and being included. Summers for Quinton mean outside play and visits to the lake.

It isn’t easy and certainly at times they have to get very creative, but Quinton’s family tries to keep his life as “normal” as possible. His two younger sisters enjoy going on bike rides, after all – the Katy Trail is right by their home. Quinton would love to go too, but they couldn’t find a bike that fits his needs.

Now they have!  This bike, powered by his parents, gives Quinton a front seat look at the world! It gives him the freedom to be outdoors and involved with his sisters.  Thank you Variety KC donors – you made this happen for Quinton!

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