Samuel was diagnosed as Level III on the Autism Spectrum last fall. He participates in multiple therapies and works so hard. His hard work is especially noticeable in Speech Therapy where he is beginning to verbalize a bit when using an iPad and apps. Like so many kids, when Samuel can’t make his needs and wants known, he has tantrums and outbursts. Who wouldn’t?  Can you imagine – no way to let somebody know you were uncomfortable, thirsty, or in pain?  The iPad therapy is showing so much promise that Samuel’s therapist recommends having one at home to reinforce his therapy sessions and reduce frustrations in communication at home.

Variety KC donors understand this need and they want Samuel to find his voice!  He’ll be getting his iPad and apps – won’t you help us to make sure every kid that needs one gets an iPad too? Donate today

Thank you from the bottom of our Variety Heart!