Meet the Kids – Savannah!

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Savannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three and is non-verbal. She has spastic dystonic cerebral palsy which makes it difficult for her to walk and perform daily living skills. Savannah also has a seizure disorder called hydrocephalus which is managed by a VP shunt and a feeding tube for nutrition. Here is Savannah’s story as told by her mother.

“Savannah was a 25-weeker, weighed 1 pound 4 ounces and almost died of renal failure two months after she was born, but by the power of prayer and the grace of God, she survived. Since then, she’s grown up to be a beautiful young lady with the strength of a hundred men and a smile that could melt your heart. Although Savannah can’t talk, she’s one heck of a smart cookie and uses her iPad to communicate on a daily basis (which she received from Variety KC several years back). She’s overcome so many difficulties with people not accepting her or believing in her because of her disability, but that hasn’t stopped her from pushing on and living the best life with the help us advocating for her.”

Early this month the family moved into a ranch style home for Savannah. It has an open floor plan for her to move around freely with the use of her wheelchair. There is just one problem, and it’s a deal-breaker. There are steps leading into the house from the front door and the garage. The family tried a ramp from the local big box store, but the incline was too steep and Savannah and her mom nearly fell down it. In order to safely get in and out of the house, a custom wheelchair ramp is needed. Without a safe ramp, we know what happens – Savannah will be stuck at home and not able to participate in all life offers!

Variety KC donors have such big hearts and want Savannah to be able to go anywhere she wants to go and that means supplying her family with a safe ramp! Unfortunately, these types of barriers keep too many kids at home. Please help use to make sure all kids are able to go out and come home safely. Donate for ramps today at

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