Meet Zara. She is a determined young girl who brings joy to everyone who knows her.  Read what her family wrote about her:

“Zara has a rare neurodevelopmental disorder called GATAD2B associated neurodevelopmental disorder. Essentially, she has global delays related to impaired messaging from her brain to her body. It takes lots of repetition and muscle memory for her to achieve new
milestones and continue to achieve them. She is primarily non-verbal and communicates via word approximations, signs, and a communication device. Her mobility is also impaired and she has difficulty with balance and strength. She started walking around 3 years of age and is starting to
ride a bicycle at school now.

Zara is one of the happiest and most determined children I know. She has been doing some form of therapy since she was only a few months old. We have no doubts that Zara will achieve many things in life if given the right amount of time and resources. She brings joy to everyone who knows her with you beautiful smile, contagious laugh, and kind heart. Zara inspires me daily to try and be better by her determination to keep trying things even when they are hard. Zara loves to be outside playing with her friends, siblings, and family. She has recently found joy in riding an adaptive bicycle at school and this has helped her mobility and independence at school. We would love to be able to continue to support her independence with an adaptive tricycle at home as well. This would allow for increased freedom for both Zara and our family to be able to go on
family outings without the fear of Zara falling or not being able to fully participate.”

It’s true – EVERY child deserves to ride a bike, and Variety KC partners made sure Zara had one of her own!  Help us to get every child on a bike – donate today at   Thank you!