Inclusive Playground: Nutter Park at Children’s Mercy Hospital

Inclusion & Recovery

KCMO Parks & Recreation and Variety KC join forces to bring inclusion to downtown Children’s Hospital Playground.
Variety KC is a leader in inclusive efforts throughout the 11 county Kansas City region. Partnering with Parks and Recreation, our next project is to update the Nutter park near Children’s Mercy Hospital in an effort to make it an inclusive park for all kids – especially those with special needs.

In front of the hospital is a park that is open to the general public and used by therapists treating patients at Children’s Mercy for social and physical exercise opportunities. It was brought to our attention by therapists and families that the park is not inclusive. Patients can’t wheel I.V. poles over the surface, kids with respiratory packs can’t use the swings, patients in expensive power chairs can’ risk riding over the mulch.

In short, the playground that serves more special needs kids than any other in our area – doesn’t truly serve those kids! It does’t allow them to be included, to socialize in a play setting….it becomes just one more place where they are left on the sidelines watching.

Thousands of families come to Children’s Mercy for extended testing/treatment stays. Frequently the siblings and parents stay near the hospital while the patient is admitted for routine tests and treatments. The new inclusive park provides a chance for patients and siblings to have some ”normalcy” and playtime.

Social Inclusion is a determinant of mental health and well-being. This park is important for the neighborhood kids and families and especially important for improving the health and attitudes of patients at Children’s Mercy.

Please support KCMO Parks and Recreation and Variety KC partnership to make this new updated Inclusive playground a reality for all!  Please help us get there by donating.

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