This is Eli – on Eli Day!  Yes, today’s the day Variety KC delivered Eli’s new ipad and communication apps. I know he will be excited about it when the balloon pops! His parents, Mark and Megan are excited, and so is his grandmother Kimberly. They are thrilled for Eli to be able to tell them exactly what he wants or needs. Eli can use some sign language and is pretty good at getting his point across, but being able to accurately communicate will mean a world of difference in the classroom setting – with his family members – and with his friends.

I was honored to be Eli’s “Magic Maker” – the Variety KC Volunteer who delivers life-enhancing equipment and devices to area kids with special needs. Hanging out with Eli and his amazing family was a great way to spend part of the afternoon. If you’re interested in helping to brighten a child’s day…and life….ask about becoming a Magic Maker. For me, the magic was Eli! Contact    And yes…the Variety KC heart was first base in this ballgame 🙂