Happy Birthday Dick Hoyt

Ironic…Dick Hoyt’s Birthday and I was given  gifts.

Mike Varel came back from visiting the Hoyts’s in Maine and brought me gifts…A Team Hoyt Tshirt and a signed book by Dick and Rick..To Deb…Keep up all your good work…Yes I CAN.

Wow! What an amazing treat. I will wear the t-shirt when I am feeling like I can’t…and always remember..YES I CAN!
Thank you Team Hoyt and Mike…”Variety’s best friend!.”

I am blessed beyond words.

Be in the Audience

Be in the Audience: “Reservations for The Doctors are available for FREE by phone and by e-mail.

Come see Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Drew Ordon and new co-host Jillian Michaels, with tapings for Season 4 starting in August 2011! Click here for tickets!

The show tapes in: Hollywood, California

We will contact you to set up your reservations for Season 4. Please do not send multiple requests.

Please note: You must speak with a member of our audience department in order to confirm your reservation. Reservations are NOT guaranteed due to possible schedule changes.

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Come watch a live taping of The Doctors!

• Calling all groups.

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*Please note: All guests are subject to change.

E-mail Reservations
You may request reservations by e-mailing us. When tickets are available”

One Good Deed

When you give…you receive. That is the lesson I experience over and over again…..with Variety children’s Charity.

Our board of directors approved an adaptive bike to be gifted to the Blue Valley School Disrtict special needs division.
Click to view:

We are so glad to be able to assist this special group of kid’s that need the same opportunities as all kids.
The joy on their faces and spirit in thier skips was powerfull. They watched patiently as each child had a turn on the new bike. Many joined hands and skipped and cheered their fellow students ride down the halls.  TV 4 and the Kansas City Star both came to see this partnership. School’s are in dire need of funding and this wonderful group of kids should not have to suffer because of budget cuts. Variety was pleased to be  able to assist in a small way.

Bike Bonanza 2011


YV Vice President, Tim McCoy will be on TV4 at 9:00am tomorrow morning to talk about our 2nd Annual Bike Bonanza this Saturday at area HyVee stores…He will be interviewed by Variety’s Newest Friend…Stefan Chase! Such an exciting year for us to partner with the Kansas City, MO School district and use an empty school for for bike storage. Then Young Variety will give 2 bikes to each  elementary school to use as a good behavior reward.  We are also partnering with a high risk student population to have them volunteer and take some of the bikes to a workshop and learn how to rebuild and repair bikes to give them a life skill and keep them engaged and occupied.

What started out as a  thought has blossomed into a reward program for all! Thank you to everyone who has brought the missing pieces together, A huge thank you to Theresa at Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for offering to purchase helmet’s for each bike we give away

YouTube – Team Hoyt

I believe in  miracles…. of friendship…energy and good will! Young Variety member, Karen  thought of reaching out to this amazing family to share the importance of mobility to Kansas City….Miracles happen…Team Hoyt has a heart of gold…in helping families with kids in need of mobility! They not only will help us spread the word…but have invited Variety to be a part of this miracle…in order to help others. Thank you Team Hoyt…you will never know how much you mean to us in Kansas City!