Variety Show Blog by Leslie, Emmy Award Winning Writer: Take 1!


Hello America! Wait, this isn’t going national?

Well then, hello Kansas City! Welcome to Leslie’s First Variety Blog. (You’d think someone asked to author their very own blog would be creative enough to come up with a more original title… but I’ve got nothing. If you have suggestions, I’m happy to take them.)

So let me do a quick introduction: I’m Leslie Carto. I’ve been on Variety’s board since the fall. I’ve been a full time mom since August 2nd, when my darling son Will was born. Before Will came calling, I was an reporter at Fox 4. I guess once this hits the internet I can add “blogger” to my resume.

I can’t say I’m a huge blog reader– except for one guilty pleasure: Jay Mohr’s blog about The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Oh, how it makes me giggle. Okay, back to task (’cause Will’s nap isn’t going to last all afternoon!).

So besides being on Variety’s Board… I’ve also signed up to be the co-chairman of our BIG (that’s right, in caps, big) fundraising event: our February 2012 Variety Show. We’re hoping to mix up some familiar faces — and some well known Kansas City talent– to create a fantastic night at the Midland Theatre. My co-chairman is the excellently organized Mark Moberly– a founding member of Young Variety. And Mark is great… but Mark is also efficient, and smart, and did I mention organized? Which can make me look a bit, um, scattered. But have faith… I’m getting my act together. And this blog is just the start.

To pull off an event of this magnitude… the team (so far that’s mainly Mark, Variety Executive Director Deb Wiebrecht, and me) is working with Michael Lintecum and Josh Strodtman of the Lintecum Group. Every other Wednesday we hold a Dining Room meeting (another fabulously creative title based on the fact we meet in my dining room).

Here’s where I admit the meeting started with disappointment. Yesterday Mark asked if I’d be baking more of my famous (i.e. cheap and easy Jiffy) corn muffins. It takes about 50-cents and 20 minutes to whip up a batch. So sure, I should have make some. But… I didn’t. I have no idea where the time goes in the evening— and there wasn’t even a Real Housewives on to distract me.

Back to the meeting: This morning we planned the details of Monday’s Committee Casting Call meeting. That’s the meeting we want YOU to attend. It’s Monday, June 27 from 4:00-5:30 at Wilks Broadcasting in Westport. It’s a chance to learn more about our Variety Show and how you can help make it super duper awesome! (And, if you noticed, it lets out at the perfect time to celebrate Happy Hour– since you’ll already be across the street from Harry’s.)

Hope I can see you at our Committee Casting Call! Cheers, Leslie

One more note: a very special thanks to Deb’s Daughter- Sommer- who watches Will during our Dining Room meetings. Without Sommer it’d be impossible. Thank You, Sommer!