Reign was shot in the left side of her head when she was 2-years-old.

As a result, Reign is impaired on her right side. She can’t use right hand and arm as she did, she walks with a limp as her right foot turns out, and her sight is impaired.  An adaptive bike would not only bring her joy, it would greatly benefit her health by strengthening her grip in the right hand, it would help her focus her sight, and provide much needed exercise and physical activity.  

Best of all, a bike is more than a fun vehicle for play – it provides freedom, encourages independence, and greatly builds confidence and self-esteem. That’s what Variety KC wants for Reign, and she got her adaptive bike. There are so many kids in our area who would benefit from a bike like Reign’s. Won’t you help Variety KC make sure every kid has a chance to Be Active, Be Social and Belong? Donate today –