Ashton is diagnosed with unspecified intellectual disabilities, epilepsy, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy. Ashton’s seizures normally happen at night. He has not had one for a couple of years as his seizures are primarily controlled with medication.  Ashton may not understand what you are saying, but he will laugh and chatter. Ashton is verbal, but is not easily understood unless you are around him a lot. He is a happy young fellow. His family is very important to him. He loves everybody he sees and brings lots of love and happiness to others. Ashton likes his iPad and television. He likes school, writing on the chalkboard, looking at books and animals. He loves school, coloring and doing workbooks. He can make a sandwich and get a snack from the cupboard or refrigerator. He points, or leads you with him or he will go get something himself.

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