Meet the Kids – Breit!

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Breit has a diagnosis of DYRK1A- non-verbal. She is tube fed and has mobility challenges. None of this defines Breit! Read what her parent have to say about their little girl: 

Breit is such an amazing little girl.  She has been a fighter since birth and amazes us everyday with her determination and willingness to never give up.  She was born a tiny little gal only weighing  3 lbs but has fought so hard for every ounce that she has gained. Nothing in life makes Breit more happy than her brothers Miles and Mason. She loves interacting with them and watching them. While she can’t yet talk and tell them how she loves them but  she shows them with her constant laughing, tugging at them and chasing them around.

We live in a cul-de-sac with several families who have children of the same age as Breit and her brothers. Once the weather turns nice we spend a majority of our time outdoors playing ,scooting ,biking and swinging with the neighborhood kids. Breit is always happy to be outside, but she is limited with her mobility on uneven surfaces and pavement. It is not safe for her to independently walk around due to the risk of falling and hurting herself. We have just about every outdoor bike and trike but we haven’t been able to find something for her to use without needing us to always be hovering over her and helping her. She wants her own independence and gets frustrated if we have to help her.

During one of her therapy sessions, we saw her independently riding her tricycle at school with adaptive pedals and it was so sweet to see her riding by herself. I asked the therapist about the petals and she informed me about your program at Variety KC. Brett was beaming on her tricycle and was so happy. Hence the reason why we are requesting a tricycle with adaptive pedals for our sweet girl.  We would love for Breit to be able to ride along with her friends as well as her siblings and feel like a normal kid hanging with the neighborhood gang!

Breit – Variety KC’s generous partners want you to be hanging out with the neighborhood gang too!  We believe every child should have the experience and fitness benefits of riding a bike. If you believe this too, help us to make sure all kids have a chance to pedal around this summer – donate today at  Thank you!



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