Meet the Kids – Brother and Sister Duo, Jude and Annalise!

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These siblings were born with congenital hearing loss and currently use hearing aids.  They are both accomplished students and active in scouting. Annelise is in swimming lessons and plays basketball, her brother Jude is learning to swim and loves to build things. His goal in life – possibly a NASA engineer or an inventor who works on a way to give vaccines without any pain. Hearing aids have a limited life span, but they also have made tremendous technological improvements in recent years. In particular, being able to connect via Bluetooth would mean that Annelise would have less problems getting connected at school and Jude would be able to listen to classwork directly through his hearing aids. Currently he has to use headphones, but the headphones don’t work with his hearing aids.

Hearing devices can mean being included or being left out. Variety supporters believe that no child should be left out due to the lack of equipment. Help us break down the barriers and allow kids like Jude and Annelise to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong. Donate today at  Thank you!






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