Meet the Kids – Sean!

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Sean is a 7-year-old boy living with his mother and two brothers. He is a domestic abuse survivor who has spent time in foster care as his mom became homeless trying to leave an abusive home. He has been diagnosed with:  Intellectual Disability, Parechovirus Type 3 Encephalitis, Dysphasia, Phimosis, Cortical Visual Impairment, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Seizure Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Speech and Language Disorder, Fine Motor Development Delay, and Failure to Thrive (2021)

And he is a survivor! Since being reunited with his mother, he has had access to IDD waiver services and his mom has worked to get him into a new school and therapies. Sean for the most part is nonverbal, a communication device would help him have better communications with family and those working with him. And a little more about Sean – he is very attached to his mother and caregivers with whom he has bonded with. He is shy and timid. He mimics behaviors of those around him, which isn’t always the best, but mom is working on that. Sean has a service dog Daisy Mae who is being trained to detect seizures. Sean’s mom Katie hopes that one day Daisy Mae will be able to attend school and be out in the community with him.

To help mom and his teachers and therapists, Variety KC has made sure Sean gets the communication device he needs! We know that lack of communication leads to frustration, acting out, and lack of progress at school.  There are so many kids like Sean who could benefit from a communication device, help Variety KC to give every child a voice by donating to  Thank you!







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