Meet the Kids – Carter!

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Carter has GANO1 genetic mutation. This has caused Carter to have issues with muscle tone, progressive dystonia, and non-verbal communication. Carter is wheelchair bound, non-weight bearing, and uses a communication device to communicate.

Carter is a smart, funny, and loving 17-year-old boy. He was born with a rare genetic mutation of the GANO1 genome, which is associated with epilepsy. Carter has battled the symptoms of this condition since birth. He had brain surgery in 2015, and an extensive lower reconstructive surgery to his hips and legs in 2022. He continues to fight to get better and alleviate his symptoms. He has tried many different medications, therapies, doctors, and treatments to treat the pain he experiences from his condition.

Carter is more than his diagnosis and has always been a shining light in other’s lives. Carter uses a communication device to communicate, and this allows him to share his great sense of humor. He loves to laugh, and make others laugh from telling goofy jokes or sharing silly pictures he finds on his iPad. Carter loves to be social and explore different places in the community. As he has gotten older, Carter is getting too heavy for transporting. Being non-weight bearing, makes transferring into a manual chair from the car seat difficult. With the blessing of a wheelchair lift, Carter would be able to explore his community and visit his family and friends. Carter would no longer feel excluded or risk getting injured transporting him to do things like go to the movies, shopping, or the park. Being able to take Carter with us out in the community would mean the world to our family and open up many opportunities for Carter.

The other consideration is the safety of Carter’s caregivers. Lifting a young adult in and out of a vehicle can cause injury to those closest to him. A wheelchair lift would help keep them safe as well as Carter.  So many families try to just “do it themselves” and as a result, end up injuring the ones who are responsible for care. Help us to help the families who need equipment to better care for their children. Donate today at Thank you!



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