Christian is a very loving sweet 7 year old. He is struggling greatly with being mainstreamed and his school is refusing accommodations. We currently are fighting to get Christian the accommodations he deserves with children’s mercy’s help. Christian gets overloaded easily in many areas of his day, having an iPad and noise canceling headphones for the bus ride home would help Christian greatly on staying focused on his device. Christian’s older brother is left to care for Christian since there is no aid and it is causing him to cry most days and dislike school because he is left with responsibility that an adult should have not a child.. Christian does not remain seated nor Keeps his hands to himself , he ends up exorting emotions onto his older brother. He lacks impulse control greatly… Hitting, spitting, throwing things, switching seats, jumping, stimming vocally and verbally and much more. It would also help Christian in the home setting and public setting.. Christian Also has a great issue when it comes to retention and he can not tell me about his day besides very limited specific interests that he shares.. if he shares.. it could be months down the road that he scripts past issues.. a communication app may open that gap… or we may be able to get the school to allow Christian to make audio notes throughout the day onto the device… that would be very ideal!! Christian can communicate but it is very limited … we all have felt extremely uncomfortable sending Christian to school where they do not communicate with us… they have even lost Christian this year during a fire drill and thankfully that was a moment Christian was able to tell me! I wish we had a wearable tracking Christian also sleep walks and it’s very dangerous…. but the iPad could also work for school wise as long as he has his bag…… they also lost another student in Christians class/ and rides the same bus.. they did not discover he was missing until Christians stop which is at the end of the route. This device would bring a lot of comfort to Christian and those around him.

Christian is sooo loving and outgoing, he loves to care for others and is the biggest helper when he is interested. He has no stranger awareness, very much a social butterfly who loves to joke. He adores Minecraft, roblox and electronics. He adores saying hello to people all around town and teaches many strangers about being on the spectrum. He proudly says autism is his super power. Christian loves Mc Donald’s chicken nuggets and typically it is the main item he will eat. He loves going to the park and McDonald’s play place and adores school even with its challenges. He can’t wait to grow up and to be able to drive (we hope they will be a possibility for him) , Christian has three other siblings who he loved very much.

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