David was diagnosed with autism and focal epilepsy. He turned two without being able to use any words and having no understanding of words that were spoken to him. However, in the last year he has made great strides in the understanding of language. His expressive language has come a long way too, but he still struggles with communication itself.

He has started using the Proloquo2go app with his speech therapist during sessions and has become excited about using it and being able to communicate his wants and needs. He especially appreciates it because he recognizes how frustrated he gets when others cannot understand him. Having access to an app all the time would mean less frustration for David and more time for him to play, learn and connect with the people around him.

That’s exactly what Variety KC wants for David, and for all kids!  The ability to communicate is a great step toward inclusion!  Won’t you help us make sure all kids have the tools they need to communicate with others?  Donate today at www.varietykc.org/donate.   Thank you!