Declan is on the autism spectrum and is nonverbal. His family is seeking a device to help him communicate his needs. KCDT proposed to use the LAMP program and we are excited to try it for him.

Here’s what his KCDT therapist says:

Declan makes limited verbal sounds and does not make any sounds or oral motor movements in imitation. He is very sweet and loves to swing and listen to mom sing songs. When KCDT first started with Declan, he had PECS available to him in order to make some choices for requests. As he was toilet training, mom wanted him to be able to tell her when he needed to use the bathroom. Mom started wearing pictures attached to her clothes in order to help him communicate his wants and needs. This of course was limited by how many pictures she could fit on the small board she attached to her shirt. This also limited him to request objects (toilet, drink, snack, tv). As KCDT started to get to know him more, they suggested trailing a more robust system of communication. We decided to use LAMP Words for Life as he demonstrates some motor planning difficulties and this system is specifically designed for language acquisition through motor planning. Declan’s mom has been a great advocate for the use of the device and has even started programming different boards with the loaner device. She understands the importance of aided language stimulation and models often for him. Our hope is that once he has his own device he can use it at home, in school, and in therapy in order to help him communicate his thoughts, ideas, wants, needs and dislikes. I would recommend a regular size iPad with LAMP app in a protective case. 

Variety KC applauds Declan’s creative mom – what a problem-solver! And our donors want to help DeClan get the device he needs!  Help other kids like Declan to get a voice – donate today at  Thank you!