Meet the Kids – Emmaus

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A little about Emmaus’s condition; Emmaus has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). TSC is a multisystem genetic disease that causes tumors to grow in the organs of the central nervous system. These tumors are benign but cause many problems. Emmaus has numerous tumors in her brain that cause her to have epilepsy, autism and a generalized developmental delay. She is almost 11 but functions on more of a 3-year-old level. Emmaus has low verbal communication skills due to her disability.

Emmaus is a young girl full of giggles and hugs. She has overcome an incredible amount in her 10 years of life including thousands of seizures, brain surgery and a couple of life threatening illnesses. She might have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), but TSC doesn’t have her. Emmaus loves her people and quickly wins them over with her sweet demeanor and huge smile. Emmaus loves music of all sorts, horses, car rides and her sisters. Emmaus doesn’t have many words but can get a group laughing. As her mother says, “she truly is a wonderful child and our lives are brighter because she is in it.”  And now it’s Variety KC’s chance to make Emmaus’ life a little brighter – with a Discovery Bike that is adapted for her use and safety. An adaptive bike will give her the chance to experience freedom, independence, and encourage more opportunities to engage with friends and neighbors. When you see her riding down the sidewalk with that huge smile on her face, but sure to wave and cheer her on! 

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