Meet the Kids – Grayson!

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Grayson has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Failure to Thrive, and dysphagia/pediatric feeding disorder which resulted in the placement of a G-tube. Despite these things, he is still a typical kid! Recently his mother wrote to tell us about Grayson: 

As a mother, my heart is filled with love and pride for my son, Grayson. People initially notice his Down Syndrome and G-tube when meeting him. These things are a part of him but not who he is. He is a beautiful boy who has an unwavering determination to thrive and succeed. I am in awe of his strength, perseverance, and positivity while attending therapy four days a week and working tirelessly to make progress. Seeing him grow and develop at his own pace is a joyous experience, and I couldn’t be prouder of the young boy he is becoming.

His desire to play and interact with his adoring big brother and other kids is heartwarming. I am constantly amazed by his resilience and determination to keep up. An adaptive trike would be an incredible gift for my son, as it would allow him to be more mobile and have more interaction with his peers. Seeing him explore the world around him with greater freedom and independence would bring our family endless joy. I know that with time and patience, he will continue to make great strides and achieve all that he desires. I am excited to continue supporting and encouraging him every step of the way.

Variety KC donors are amazed by Grayson too – and are making sure he gets the adaptive bike that he needs to connect with friends, increase physical fitness, and encourage independence and freedom. There are so many children who would benefit from a safe, adapted bike – if you can help provide one, please donate today at  Thank you!




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