Meet the Kids – Hunter

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Hunter has been diagnosed with Autism, Global Learning Delay, Seizures. And still, he is a true miracle and blessing! 

Hunter’s parents describe him as a true blessing.  His parents describe the nine years it took to be blessed with him as their miracle rainbow baby, meaning his birth followed the loss of another. They say he wakes up every day with the greatest laugh, and a beaming smile. He has no words, but is a happy and healthy boy. Because they were blessed with Hunter after such a long journey, his mom and dad have the greatest belief, hopes and dreams for Hunter’s future.

Although non-verbal, Hunter understands a great deal. For example, he understands bedtime routines and follows instructions. He has had a chance to experience the use of an assistive communication device outside the home and his parents are excited to see how much more progress he will experience with a device of his own.

Variety KC friends and donors know the importance of access to communication. When you give a child a voice, you reduce frustration, anxiety, and misunderstandings. There are so many children like Hunter in our community. If you can help to give them a voice, please donate today at Thank you!





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