Jetson was born with some congenital brain abnormalities, including hydrocephalus and holoprosencephaly (HPE). Due to the hydrocephalus (excess fluid on his brain), Jetson required brain surgery when he was only four days old. The shunt placed in his brain has helped treat the hydrocephalus, but malformations in his brain have caused some other medical
issues such as hearing, vision loss, developmental delays, and epilepsy.

But you know what? To his parents, Jetson is their miracle child! He had a rough start to his life and doctors did not give them a positive prognosis for an outlook on Jetson’s life. Due to his diagnosis and seizure activity, he was sent home from the hospital at the age of one month with hospice supports in place.

As his parents prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best, they let Jetson lead the way. And lead he did, defying the odds, Jetson is strong and is growing every day (in every way!). He receives physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and vision therapy. He recently had surgery and received a cochlear implant. He wears a hearing aid on one ear and has a CI on the other. Once the pandemic is over, he will be getting glasses too!

Here’s what Jetson’s parents have to say, “he has opened our eyes to a whole new world of special needs. Jetson has 3 older siblings – 7-year-old brother, 6-year-old sister, and a 3-year-old sister. They LOVE Jetson so much! They love helping him, talking to him, holding him and trying to make him laugh. They (we all) would love if Jetson could have a way to play games with us and communicate with us.”

“Having an iPad would benefit Jetson greatly as assistive technology to aid his communication. One aspect of his vision loss is that he is drawn to lights, so he can see screens and that can be used to help his vision develop even more. We can use it for visual development tool as well as for speech, hearing, and language development. Every day with Jetson is a gift and he has taught us so much. We believe that his life is precious and valuable. Therefore, we desire to
provide tools that will equip him with opportunities for growing and developing even more. We thank you so much for your consideration and for all you do for kids with special needs.”

Variety KC thinks Jetson is a gift too!  And he will get the communication tablet he needs to help him communicate with his family, friends, therapists, and his community as a whole. Help Variety KC to make sure all kids have a “voice.”  Donate today at

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