Kaeson at the Royals!Kaeson’s parents have to be on alert at all times! Why? Because seven-year-old Kaeson was diagnosed with AHC – Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, Dystonia, Epilepsy and several other developmental conditions. The biggest challenge is when Kaeson has an episode, going suddenly limp and unresponsive. These episodes can last for five days! The safest thing for him is to be securely fastened into his stroller, but he’s recently outgrown that. He is ready for a special adaptive wheelchair with all the necessary safely features. It’s an immediate need, one that would allow him to get safely to and from doctor appointments and out in the community, engaging with family and neighbors. No child should be at risk of a serious injury due to the lack of safe and proper equipment – Variety KC donors understand that and Kaeson will receive the requested help for his wheelchair.  Help others like Kaeson to not only Be Active, Be Social and Belong….but Be Safe as well!  Donate today https://varietykc.org/donate/

UPDATE: Variety received a wonderful note from Kaeson’s Mom telling us how much Kaeson is enjoying his new wheelchair…
“Good Morning!  We received Kaeson’s wheelchair last Thursday, which was a lot earlier than we thought it was going to be!  I’ve attached a few photos. The first is from the first night he got it. I just love it, because you can just see how happy and excited he was to have it!  A few days ago my mom gave us Royal tickets.  Normally I would have said no, but with the chair we felt comfortable saying yes!  So my two Little’s were able to go to their very first Royals game!  They LOVED it! They actually loved it so much we stayed until the bottom of the 8th, on a school night! 😉 lol!  Guest services were so wonderful and let us exchange our tickets for handicap seats which was so awesome too!  We had planned to just stand and walk around since we had the wheelchair!  There was a guy there helping us with our seats that worked there who was so nice! When he heard it was the kids first time to a game, he bought the kids meals and drinks to celebrate their first time to the park!  Totally unexpected and so generous.  We had an amazing night, the kids had so much fun, and we felt pretty spoiled!”
So thank you!  Without the chair we would have missed out on such an amazing and fun experience!  I know Kaeson is loving it!