The following letter from Kennedy’s dad highlights one of the biggest challenges facing caregivers – safety when transferring. As children grow, the inability to safely move them can limit the number of family members and friends who would otherwise be willing to help.  Caregivers who get injured by lifting larger children can also be taken out of commission.

“Kennedy is a very happy 11-year-old little boy who loves reading, playing tetherball, going for walks, riding his tricycle, teddy grahams, and going to school.

Since arriving early to this world at 28 weeks, he has always proven everyone wrong and done it with the biggest smile on his face. Although he’s non-verbal and restricted to a wheelchair (and the constant one-arm army crawl to get his favorite books), he’s learned to sign for some of his basic needs and gives the random, “Hey” to anyone that passes by.

My wife and I are very fortunate to have key people in our life that help in times of need to help with Kennedy, but as he continues to grow, it is becoming more and more challenging for many of those around him to tend to his daily needs. We’ve been able to make some adaptations to our home including a stair lift and mobility equipment on each floor. An area quickly becoming a greater challenge is during transport. Loading a 75-pound (and growing child) from wheelchair to car and car back to chair is a huge challenge for Kennedy’s mom, Kennedy’s grandparents, and myself at times. The opportunity to add a Turney seat to our current Honda minivan will not only give Kennedy’s caregivers a more feasible solution, but a safer one. I greatly appreciate your consideration of funding for this needed piece of equipment for our special little boy.”

Variety KC friends and partners understand this great need and made sure Kennedy’s family received the equipment they needed.  We have several more families who would benefit from this same equipment, if this speaks to your heart, please donate today at