Nick is a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Variety KC helped him to get his first iPad when he was in middle school, and his communication skills have flourished. Nick uses Proloquo2Go on an iPad to communicate. Nick is now in high school and uses his communication device to communicate his basic wants and needs each and every day. Nick can use his communication device for a variety of language functions, including requesting, commenting, answering questions, and interacting with both peers and adults.

Nick has very little verbal speech, so a speech-generating app like Proloquo2Go is essential to his education and his quality of life. In school, Nick uses his communication device to access the curriculum and to participate in academic and social activities. At home, Nick also uses his iPad to communicate with his family. His current iPad is several years old and has a cracked screen, so he is in need of a new one. However, despite a cracked screen, Nick has shown his great intelligence and flexibility – he is able to maneuver the iPad to rotate the screen if the cracks prevent him from accessing a button. Nick is a very intelligent and kind teenager. Receiving another iPad would allow him to continue to grow as a communicator and as a person at home, at school, and in the community.

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