Meet the Kids – Penny!

If you believe every kid should be active, be social, and belong – please donate today

It’s that time of year! Time for kids to play outside, hang out with the friends, and ride their bikes.  But, not all bikes are available for a child with developmental disabilities.

Meet Penny, a happy ten-year-old with a diagnosis of Fragile X and Autism. She loves playing with her neighbors, but can’t always keep up. She’s tried a bike with training wheels, but don’t have the motor strength to ride it safely and successfully. An adaptive tricycle is the answer. As her mother says, “it will bring her great joy.”  It also will bring her a safe way to ride along with her friends, a sense of freedom and independence, and important physical activity.

Bringing “joy” is what Variety KC donors do best, and Penny is now ready for a summer of bike riding. If you believe like we do that all kids should have a chance to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong – please donate today at    Thank you!




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