William is diagnosed with a very rare syndrome, Cohen’s Syndrome, when he was 2 years old. He has Global developmental delays. He has poor eyesight, needs help navigating obstacles like stairs. He has a hard time communicating what he wants since he is nonverbal.

He is the most affectionate and loving boy you will ever meet. He loves to play in water and with bubbles, and he loves to watch his older brother play video games. He loves reading books, playing on the trampoline, and running through the sprinkler. He loves to play with other kids, is a big fan of cuddling, giving hugs and kisses to anyone that’ll take them. He is the happiest little dude on the planet and the purest form of joy radiates from him.

Getting a device for William would open up his world to so many more activities and interactions with others. People have a hard time understanding him, sadly he often gets overlooked. With a device William could have a voice and be heard as he navigates life with friends and family.

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