NKC School District Adds Adaptive Bikes and Equipment for PE Classes

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Recently, Variety KC offered school districts financial grants to boost inclusion in their Physical Education classes. The North Kansas City School District took us up on this offer and is changing the way their students with disabilities experience gym classes. We are so excited to partner with the North Kansas City Schools. Read what they had to say:

“These pieces of equipment will benefit a wide variety of students across the NKC school district. We will use them in different adaptive PE programs as appropriate to get students moving and active alongside their peers. As the second largest district in the
state of Missouri, we are constantly trying to improve our programming and enhance each student’s education. Physical fitness is an important aspect of every student’s day and these pieces of equipment will allow a wider variety of students to be active and feel
motivated to participate in PE with their classmates. Many of our students are interested in riding a tricycle but have never had the
opportunity due to their home/neighborhood constraints and limited funding through insurance for this equipment. We would love to open up new possibilities for students to experience and add some fun into their school day while improving their overall physical



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