#RunRoyal 5K Training

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5K’s may seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance anyone can #RunRoyal!  The distance of a kilometer is only 0.6 miles which makes a 5K only 3.1 miles.  And while there may be over 8,500 5Ks held across the country each year, you have the opportunity to be apart of the most unique one held at Kauffman stadium!

Do you have what it takes to #RunRoyal?  With our tips you definitely can get in shape in time for the Royals Charity 5K on August 2nd.

Traditional Training:

Step 1:  Sign Up! – There is no better motivation to start training for a 5K than the commitment to run one.  Clear your calendar the morning of August 2nd and sign up now before you read any further!


Step 2: Get off the couch….Slowly – You don’t want to get burnt out on running too quickly, especially if you haven’t been working out lately.  Start easy with 20-30 minute workouts for the first week.  Don’t overexert yourself and make sure to take two rest days during the week to avoid exhaustion and your body rejecting working out.

Step 3: Run! – We got this training plan from Active.com that offers a great guideline for how to work out each day.  Don’t be afraid to throw some cross training in the mix with biking or swimming laps as well!

Week — Weekday 1, Weekday 2, Weekday 3

1 —          1.5 miles,            1.5 miles,          2 miles

2 —          2.5 miles,            2.5 miles,         3 miles

3 —          2.5 miles,            2 miles,             Race 3.1 miles!

Running Aids:

1) Sign up with a friend or team to help motivate you! The influence of others helps us achieve our goals and stay motivated. Make sure you get a workout buddy to train with you, you can help keep each other on track and #RunRoyal

2) Hydrate – There is nothing more important to a runner than staying hydrated.  Drink plenty of water before, after and during a run to avoid dehydration and to stay alert and energized even after a long workout.

3) Map My Run iPhone App – This iPhone app has changed the face of running forever.  With it you can create your own routes, keep track of how many miles you have run and find popular running trails in your are.  And most importantly its free!

5K’s aren’t for everyone, so if training for one does not appeal to you, you can always walk the Royals Charities 5K!  Just remember that you are walking and running for kids who can’t!



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