How Kansas City combines its giving to help Variety KC Kids! The Caring Program through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City offers their employees a chance to combine their giving strength. When everyone gives a little – it helps a whole lot! Recently they funded several Variety KC Kids, and we want to thank them in a very public way so their organization knows how much they mean to us!

Because of the Caring Program, three children received an iPad and accessories for communication. A young man received a wheelchair for mobility, and a young woman received a sports wheelchair so she could participate in inclusive sports.

So much of the equipment needed by children with special needs is NOT covered by insurance, and the high-cost means going without.

When you add the word “adaptive” or “assistive” to a product, you can assume the price is many times more than its original non-adaptive product. For example, a child’s tricycle. You can find them at most stores for $40-$100. But an adaptive tricycle with its special safety and adaptive features can run $2,500 or more.

Thank you Caring Program! Your generosity throughout the years has enhanced so many lives and made so much possible. You are true difference makers!