Dear Variety,

I have a special needs daughter (muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, brain tumors, osteoporosis and spina bifida occulta). When I was in need of a lift for her motor scooter because I can’t lift it and our van is not big enough, I looked online and found Variety! Our lives have been changed forever. Sometimes having special needs children you feel helpless, but after meeting Deb I have a whole new energy. Not only did they jump right on getting us the lift we needed for the van, Deb has shown us a love that no other has shown. Variety has provided us with many opportunities to be “normal” and go do “normal” things. Anytime I see a child or family struggling with a special needs child, I tell them all about Variety. There is no way I could ever repay Variety for the freedom they have given, except to share my story.