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Meet the Kids: Randi


Little Randi has hypophosphatasia and is vent-dependent. She relies on gestures to communicate, but seems to comprehend well. Her therapists feel she would benefit from a PRC Accent Communication device that could be attached to her wheelchair, crib, or one of the chairs she uses at home. This would be her primary source of communication, but the cost is not covered by insurance. Randi’s family and therapists reached out to Variety KC for help in giving her a voice. A way to let her family, friends, and teachers know what she needs and what she wants. Part of a child being active, being social, and belonging is being able to communicate, so that’s exactly what Variety KC did! Randi has her voice, her communication device – and her family isn’t left guessing at what she needs. Don’t all kids deserve that?  You can help by making a donation today at

Meet the Kids: Leyla


Leyla has Williams Syndrome resulting in low muscle tone and limitations in both strength and posture. Her family is determined to provide opportunities for inclusion for Leyla and supports her development in every way they can. Leyla loves to play with her sister and at school she loves riding their adaptive bike. Having an adaptive hand-foot tricycle of her own would allow her to do what she loves most, riding bikes, with her sister and friends at home. It would also provide strengthening exercise and help improve balance. Think back to your own childhood. A bike meant freedom, independence, and a chance to hang out with friends. It is the type of mobility that Variety KC strives to provide for every child. Find out how you can help, visit

Meet the Kids: Adin


Adin has Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele, paralyzing him below the knees. He is eleven years old and has three older siblings, all very active. Using a hand operated recumbent bike, Adin could get out and ride bikes with his siblings and neighbors. He could get out in his community and benefit from the social interaction. Best of all, he would  get that much needed exercise that can help prevent atrophy and strengthen his muscles. His parents have tried hard to save for this bike, but on a public servant’s salary – it’s difficult to do with three other teenagers in the family. Variety KC thanks Adin’s dad for his service and is honored to step in and help Adin out. After all, doesn’t every kid deserve the chance to ride a bike? Together we can make that happen! Donate today at


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