Hypophosphatasia: Communication struggles

Little Randi has hypophosphatasia and is vent-dependent. She relies on gestures to communicate, but seems to comprehend well. Her therapists feel she would benefit from a PRC Accent Communication device that could be attached to her wheelchair, crib, or one of the chairs she uses at home. This would be her primary source of communication, but the cost is not covered by insurance. Randi’s family and therapists reached out to Variety KC for help in giving her a voice. A way to let her family, friends, and teachers know what she needs and what she wants. Part of a child being active, being social, and belonging is being able to communicate, so that’s exactly what Variety KC did! Randi has her voice, her communication device – and her family isn’t left guessing at what she needs. Don’t all kids deserve that?  You can help by making a donation today