Variety KC Inclusive Playground Guide – FREE download

Variety KC Inclusive Playground Guide – FREE download

Let’s All Play!

We’re attaching an Inclusive Playground Guide for you to use if planning a playground, inclusive outdoor/indoor play area or other community gathering space. We’ve compiled this information while building seven inclusive playgrounds, the Variety KC Zoo’s exploration play area, multiple ball fields, sensory areas, and various inclusive additions to facilities around the Kansas City area.

During our journey to make this the most inclusive community possible, we discovered that what builders, playground vendors, and designers told us was “inclusive” – wasn’t. And, that the greatest source for inclusive needs comes from the kids and parents themselves. That’s what we’ve compiled here, a little “tips sheet” to help you to design the most inclusive initiative possible – a place for all kids and all families to gather.

If you have any questions, we are here to help – good luck with your projects, we look forward to seeing them!


Inclusive Playground Guide – Download.

Bring Back the Music – Let ALL Kids Play!

Bring Back the Music – Let ALL Kids Play!

Bring Back the Music!
Bring Back REMO!

Meet Remo – the talented inventor of the giant piano in the movie BIG. He’s also the designer of the sidewalk piano at park by Children’s Mercy Hospital. Unfortunately, just as Variety KC and KC Parks and Rec are about to open the new inclusive park by Children’s Mercy, we found out  the musical sidewalk is silent!

We think the giant piano sidewalk is iconic and a beloved part of the park – but we need to raise $5,000 to bring Remo’s team to KC to fix it. It’s simple – just donate today at and check the box that says “donate in honor of.”  Fill in “Piano,” or “Music,” or the name of your favorite musician. We’ll get the idea!

Let’s bring back the music by the park’s opening on October 18th!   A great day for ALL kids to PLAY!